Alba Argerich
Alba Argerich
Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri- Columbia
missouri.edu ̸ Ȯε
Ecohydrological interfaces as hotspots of ecosystem processes
S Krause, J Lewandowski, NB Grimm, DM Hannah, G Pinay, K McDonald, ...
Ecohydrological Interfaces, 1-28, 2024
Development of a smart tracer for the assessment of microbiological activity and sediment-water interaction in natural waters: The resazurinresorufin system
R Haggerty, A Argerich, E Martí
Water Resources Research 44, W00D01, 2008
Resazurin as a smart tracer for quantifying metabolically active transient storage in stream ecosystems
R Haggerty, E Martí, A Argerich, D Von Schiller, NB Grimm
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 114 (G03014), doi:10.1029 , 2009
Continental-scale decrease in net primary productivity in streams due to climate warming
C Song, WK Dodds, J Rüegg, A Argerich, CL Baker, WB Bowden, ...
Nature Geoscience 11 (6), 415-420, 2018
Inter-annual, annual, and seasonal variation of P and N retention in a perennial and an intermittent stream
D von Schiller, E Martí, JL Riera, M Ribot, A Argerich, P Fonolla, F Sabater
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Quantification of metabolically active transient storage (MATS) in two reaches with contrasting transient storage and ecosystem respiration
A Argerich, R Haggerty, E Martí, F Sabater, J Zarnetske
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Trends in stream nitrogen concentrations for forested reference catchments across the USA.
GG Argerich, A., Johnson, S. L., Sebestyen, S. D
Environmental Research Letters 8 (1), 014039, 2013
Combined effects of leaf litter inputs and a flood on nutrient retention in a Mediterranean mountain stream during fall
A Argerich, E Martí, F Sabater, M Ribot, D Von Schiller, JL Riera
Limnology and oceanography 53 (2), 631-641, 2008
Comprehensive multiyear carbon budget of a temperate headwater stream
A Argerich, R Haggerty, SL Johnson, SM Wondzell, N Dosch, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 121 (5), 1306-1315, doi: 10 , 2016
Influence of transient storage on stream nutrient uptake based on substrata manipulation
A Argerich, E Martí, F Sabater, R Haggerty, M Ribot
Aquatic Sciences 73, 365-376, 2011
Quantifying spatial differences in metabolism in headwater streams
R González-Pinzón, R Haggerty, A Argerich
Freshwater Science 33 (3), 798-811, 2014
Crustacean and aquatic insect assemblages in the Mediterranean coastal ecosystems of Emporda Wetlands (NE Iberian Peninsula)
M Martinoy, D Boix, J Sala, S Gascón, J Gifre, A Argerich, R Barrera, ...
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Ecosystem respiration increases with biofilm growth and bed forms: Flume measurements with resazurin
R Haggerty, M Ribot, GA Singer, E Martí, A Argerich, G Agell, TJ Battin
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Temporal variation of hydrological exchange and hyporheic biogeochemistry in a headwater stream during autumn
A Argerich, E Martí, F Sabater, M Ribot
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30 (3), 635-652, 2011
Suspended sediment and turbidity after road construction/improvement and forest harvest in streams of the Trask River Watershed Study, Oregon
I Arismendi, JD Groom, M Reiter, SL Johnson, L Dent, M Meleason, ...
Water Resources Research, 2017
Effect of floods of different magnitude on the macroinvertebrate communities of Matarranya Stream (Ebro River Basin, NE Spain)
A Argerich, MA Puig, E Pupilli
Limnetica 23 (3-4), 283-294, 2004
Development of a" smart" tracer: The resazurin-resorufin assay of biological activity
R Haggerty, A Argerich, E Marti
Proceedings of the American Geophysical Union 2007 Fall Meeting, 2007
Shifting stoichiometry: Long‐term trends in stream‐dissolved organic matter reveal altered C: N ratios due to history of atmospheric acid deposition
BM Rodríguez‐Cardona, AS Wymore, A Argerich, RT Barnes, S Bernal, ...
Global Change Biology 28 (1), 98-114, 2021
Nutrient uptake in a stream affected by hydropower plants: comparison between stream channels and diversion canals
O Izagirre, A Argerich, E Martí, A Elosegi
Hydrobiologia 712, 105-116, 2013
Gradients of anthropogenic nutrient enrichment alter N composition and DOM stoichiometry in freshwater ecosystems
AS Wymore, PJ Johnes, S Bernal, ENJ Brookshire, HM Fazekas, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, e2021GB006953, 2021
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