Emma Lannergard
Emma Lannergard
PhD Aquatic Sciences and Assessment
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An evaluation of high frequency turbidity as a proxy for riverine total phosphorus concentrations
EE Lannergård, JLJ Ledesma, J Fölster, MN Futter
Science of the total Environment 651, 103-113, 2019
Optimization of aluminum treatment efficiency to control internal phosphorus loading in eutrophic lakes
O Agstam-Norlin, EE Lannergård, MN Futter, BJ Huser
Water Research 185, 116150, 2020
New insights into legacy phosphorus from fractionation of streambed sediment
EE Lannergård, O Agstam‐Norlin, BJ Huser, S Sandström, J Rakovic, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 125 (9), e2020JG005763, 2020
A new, catchment-scale integrated water quality model of phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand and phytoplankton: INCA-Phosphorus Ecology (PEco)
J Crossman, G Bussi, PG Whitehead, D Butterfield, E Lannergård, ...
Water 13 (5), 723, 2021
Turbidity‐discharge hysteresis in a meso‐scale catchment: The importance of intermediate scale events
EE Lannergård, J Fölster, MN Futter
Hydrological Processes 35 (12), e14435, 2021
A 25-year retrospective analysis of factors influencing success of aluminum treatment for lake restoration
O Agstam-Norlin, EE Lannergård, E Rydin, MN Futter, BJ Huser
Water Research 200, 117267, 2021
Comparing in situ turbidity sensor measurements as a proxy for suspended sediments in North-Western European streams
E Skarbvik, SGM van't Veen, EE Lannergård, H Wenng, M Stutter, ...
Catena 225, 107006, 2023
Variability in fluvial suspended and streambed sediment phosphorus fractions among small agricultural streams
S Sandström, MN Futter, DW O'Connell, EE Lannergård, J Rakovic, ...
Journal of Environmental Quality 50 (3), 612-626, 2021
Potential for using high frequency turbidity as a proxy for total phosphorus in Sävjaån
E Lannergård
SLU, Dept. of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, 2016
Sensorer för vattenkvalitet i miljöövervakning av vattendrag
J Fölster, E Lannergård, M Olshammar, S Valley
SLU Vatten och miljö, 2019
Influence of forest management changes and reuse of peat production areas on water quality in a northern river
K Rankinen, M Futter, J Bhattacharjee, JEC Bernal, EE Lannergård, ...
Catena 226, 107045, 2023
In-situ sensorers användning i nationell miljöövervakning
E Lannergård, J Fölster
SLU Rapport 2, 2023
Sensorer för vattenkvalitet i miljöövervakning av vattendrag: hur användbara är de i praktiken?
J Fölster, E Lannergård, S Walley, M Olshammar
Rapport/Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för vatten och miljö, 2019
Water quality in a large complex catchment: Significant effects of land use and soil type but limited ability to detect trends
S Sandström, EE Lannergård, MN Futter, F Djodjic
Journal of Environmental Management 349, 119500, 2024
Metabolic processes control carbon dioxide dynamics in a boreal forest ditch affected by clear-cut forestry
A Zannella, K Eklöf, E Lannergård, H Laudon, E Maher Hasselquist, ...
Frontiers in Water 5, 1250068, 2023
Phosphorus transport in the landscape–Integrating high-frequency monitoring, phosphorus geochemistry and modelling to improve water management
E Lannergård
Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 2021
Våtmarkers hydrologiska ekosystemtjänster och multifunktion: WetKit Hydro-ES: Wetland toolkit for hydrological ecosystem services
P Geranmayeh, EE Lannergård, MN Futter
Naturvårdsverket, 2024
Högfrekvent data i modellering: användning, utmaningar och nytta vid modellering av flöde-och vattenkemi
E Lannergård, J Fölster, M Futter
Rapport/Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för vatten och miljö, 2023
Non-stationarity in relationships between flow, turbidity and suspended sediment transport: examples from a Swedish mixed-land use catchment
E Lannergård, J Fölster, M Futter
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 13649, 2018
Internal loading from stream bed sediment: insignificant or a missing link?
E Lannergård, O Agstam-Norlin, B Huser, M Futter
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 12055, 2018
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