Karla M. Jarecke
Karla M. Jarecke
Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Colorado Boulder
colorado.edu ̸ Ȯε
Coupled soil oxygen and greenhouse gas dynamics under variable hydrology
KM Jarecke, TD Loecke, AJ Burgin
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 95, 164-172, 2016
The influence of local and nonlocal factors on soil water content in a steep forested catchment
KM Jarecke, KD Bladon, SM Wondzell
Water Resources Research 57 (5), e2020WR028343, 2021
Plant species and hydrology as controls on constructed wetland methane fluxes
C Silvey, KM Jarecke, K Hopfensperger, TD Loecke, AJ Burgin
Soil Science Society of America Journal 83 (3), 848-855, 2019
Carbon uptake by Douglas-fir is more sensitive to increased temperature and vapor pressure deficit than reduced rainfall in the western Cascade Mountains, Oregon, USA
KM Jarecke, LR Hawkins, KD Bladon, SM Wondzell
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 329, 109267, 2023
Drier streams despite a wetter climate in woody-encroached grasslands
K Sadayappan, R Keen, KM Jarecke, V Moreno, JB Nippert, MF Kirk, ...
Journal of Hydrology 627, 130388, 2023
The flash drought of 1936
ED Hunt, J Christian, JB Basara, L Lowman, J Otkin, J Bell, K Jarecke, ...
J. Appl. Serv. Climatol 2020, 1-15, 2020
Proposed model for impacts of woody encroachment on groundwater CO2 and mineral weathering in grassland watersheds
MF Kirk, C Anhold, C Hatley, EA Velasquez, K Jarecke, K Sadayappan, ...
2024 Goldschmidt Conference, 2024
Expanding the spatial reach and human impacts of critical zone science
K Singha, PL Sullivan, SA Billings, L Walls, L Li, KM Jarecke, HR Barnard, ...
Earth's Future 12 (3), e2023EF003971, 2024
Impact of rainfall and vapor pressure deficit on latewood growth and water stress in Douglas-fir in a Mediterranean climate
KM Jarecke, KD Bladon, FC Meinzer, SM Wondzell
Forest Ecology and Management 551, 121529, 2024
Impacts of woody encroachment on soil hydrology: Insights from root distribution, soil moisture time series, and electrical resistivity imaging
KM Jarecke, R Keen, K Sadayappan, V Moreno, B Li, M Dumont, ...
AGU23, 2023
Enhanced carbonate weathering in woody encroached grasslands
K Sadayappan, R Keen, KM Jarecke, V Moreno, JB Nippert, MF Kirk, ...
AGU23, 2023
Incorporating Structural Macropores into Dual Porosity Water Retention Pedotransfer Functions
JC Pachon, DR Hirmas, H Ajami, PL Sullivan, SA Billings, K Jarecke, ...
ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting, 2023
Visible to the eye, now in the model: Parameterizing dual porosity water retention functions in structured soils
J Pachon, D Hirmas, H Ajami, P Sullivan, S Billings, M Sena, X Zhang, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU-10919, 2023
Sensitivity of Soil Organic Carbon and Chemical Weathering Dynamics to Variations in Landcover, Lithology, and Aspect in High Elevation Montane Systems
L Bixby, PL Sullivan, SA Billings, HR Barnard, L Li, D Hirmas, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2022, B56A-03, 2022
Do Indirect Effects of Forest Stand Age and Aspect Govern SOC Stability Via Their Influence on Soil Aggregate Development?
V Moreno, PL Sullivan, A Duro, DR Hirmas, SA Billings, H Ajami, L Li, ...
ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting, 2022
The importance of soil water retention in regulating ecosystem drought stress responses in land process models
LR Hawkins, SP Good, J Fickle, W Anderegg, KM Jarecke, D Noone, ...
Frontiers in Hydrology 2022, 410-03, 2022
Spatial patterns of soil moisture and the relative importance of atmospheric water demand versus soil moisture availability in limiting late-summer growth of Douglas-fir under 
KM Jarecke
Oregon State University, 2021
The effect of atmospheric demand and soil moisture deficits on tree growth and physiological water stress: Implications for the future of forest management
KM Jarecke, KD Bladon, SM Wondzell
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2020, GC004-0015, 2020
Determining the effect of topography on plant-available water in steep, highly dissected forested terrain
KM Jarecke, SM Wondzell, KD Bladon
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, H51M-1665, 2019
Quantifying plant-available soil moisture in topographically complex terrain
KM Jarecke, KD Bladon, SM Wondzell
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2018, H11W-1789, 2018
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