Thomas Grabs
Thomas Grabs
Senior Lecturer, Hydrology, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University
geo.uu.se ̸ Ȯε - Ȩ
Patterns and dynamics of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in boreal streams: The role of processes, connectivity, and scaling
H Laudon, M Berggren, A Ågren, I Buffam, K Bishop, T Grabs, M Jansson, ...
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Modeling spatial patterns of saturated areas: A comparison of the topographic wetness index and a dynamic distributed model
T Grabs, J Seibert, K Bishop, H Laudon
Journal of Hydrology 373 (1-2), 15-23, 2009
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MB Wallin, T Grabs, I Buffam, H Laudon, A Ågren, MG Öquist, K Bishop
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Linking soil-and stream-water chemistry based on a Riparian Flow-Concentration Integration Model
J Seibert, T Grabs, S Köhler, H Laudon, M Winterdahl, K Bishop
Hydrology and earth system sciences 13 (12), 2287-2297, 2009
Riparian zone hydrology and soil water total organic carbon (TOC): implications for spatial variability and upscaling of lateral riparian TOC exports
T Grabs, K Bishop, H Laudon, SW Lyon, J Seibert
Biogeosciences 9 (10), 3901-3916, 2012
Towards an improved conceptualization of riparian zones in boreal forest headwaters
JLJ Ledesma, MN Futter, M Blackburn, F Lidman, T Grabs, RA Sponseller, ...
Ecosystems 21, 297-315, 2018
Potential for long‐term transfer of dissolved organic carbon from riparian zones to streams in boreal catchments
JLJ Ledesma, T Grabs, KH Bishop, SL Schiff, SJ Köhler
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Hydrological response to changing climate conditions: Spatial streamflow variability in the boreal region
C Teutschbein, T Grabs, RH Karlsen, H Laudon, K Bishop
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Forest harvest increases runoff most during low flows in two boreal streams
R Srensen, E Ring, M Meili, L Högbom, J Seibert, T Grabs, H Laudon, ...
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SW Lyon, M Nathanson, A Spans, T Grabs, H Laudon, J Temnerud, ...
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Carbon dioxide and methane emissions of Swedish low‐order streams—a national estimate and lessons learnt from more than a decade of observations
MB Wallin, A Campeau, J Audet, D Bastviken, K Bishop, J Kokic, ...
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Variability of groundwater levels and total organic carbon in the riparian zone of a boreal catchment
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Riparian zone control on base cation concentration in boreal streams
JLJ Ledesma, T Grabs, MN Futter, KH Bishop, H Laudon, SJ Köhler
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Copulas for hydroclimatic analysis: A practice‐oriented overview
F Tootoonchi, M Sadegh, JO Haerter, O Räty, T Grabs, C Teutschbein
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water 9 (2), e1579, 2022
Hillslope permeability architecture controls on subsurface transit time distribution and flow paths
AA Ameli, N Amvrosiadi, T Grabs, H Laudon, IF Creed, JJ McDonnell, ...
Journal of Hydrology 543, 17-30, 2016
Drivers of increased organic carbon concentrations in stream water following forest disturbance: Separating effects of changes in flow pathways and soil warming
J Schelker, T Grabs, K Bishop, H Laudon
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 118 (4), 1814-1827, 2013
The role of landscape properties, storage and evapotranspiration on variability in streamflow recessions in a boreal catchment
RH Karlsen, K Bishop, T Grabs, M Ottosson-Löfvenius, H Laudon, ...
Journal of Hydrology 570, 315-328, 2019
The assumption of uniform specific discharge: unsafe at any time?
RH Karlsen, J Seibert, T Grabs, H Laudon, P Blomkvist, K Bishop
Hydrological Processes 30 (21), 3978-3988, 2016
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